Project: Pagoda Bar Addition

For our first commercial project blog spot, we are going to cover the timeline and project details for the bar addition recently completed at Pagoda Chinese Restaurant in North Pole, Alaska.  It seemed an obvious choice with the amount of support and followers we had as we posted the progress of the project.  (Though, the support of the project wasn’t that unsurprising either given the prominence of the restaurant in the community)  Well loved by all!  We were honored to team up to complete this project.


(After the project was completed and the addition was open for business)

The Pagoda bar addition was such a full steam ahead, creative masterpiece.  We constructed a temporary wall, which allowed uninterrupted service to customers throughout the process.  After starting the dirt work at the beginning of August and a delay in obtaining permits, the real work began at the beginning of September.  Thankfully the underground utilities, poured foundation, and framing all happened within the first two weeks, allowing the complete reroofing of the building, electrical rough in, exterior painting and asphalt to begin… because the end of September brought a massive snow storm!


(It’s that time of the year when “tenting” a building is necessary in order to paint)

By October, crews were finishing up exterior and ready to paint the interior addition.  The remaining month was spent on finishing the interior.  In a little over two months of construction the Big Street Construction design-build Pagoda bar project had been complete!  The bar supplies and furniture were on their way to complete the new addition.

interior framing

(This is where we began month two)

This was not our first project where the client’s vision and needs for the project were very utilitarian, in that there was (1) a target number of people to accommodate and (2) a budget to fit into.  But outside of those two items, we were left to creative design: placement of appliances and type of appliances, seating and bar location, systems used, and square footage size for the project.  We had to cohesively design a modern bar addition with the existing, iconic Asian filled restaurant decor.  In order to design this as the best bar, we had to research bars in town and talk with the bartenders on what worked and didn’t work with their set up to maximize the efficiency and location of all items within this project.  Thank you, Pagoda and Benny, for entrusting us and allowing us the opportunity to complete your amazing bar!